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We are determined to  reach the grassroots, empowering  the new generation and  promoting health with use of research, striving for an educated and healthier empowered generation.


  • Research helps : · To find out what we need and what we need to do. · Research tells us objectively
  • what the problem is. · How much of a problem it is. · Best ways to solve the problem without wasting resources. · It allows us to utilize limited available resources to achieve the greatest impact on proven problem. · It helps us to assess success of programs or interventions with respect to prevailing problems and impact on indigenes and population. · It helps us determine the best ways to achieve success in our target population. · It helps provide objectives data supporting the prevalent diseases in different specific age group
  • ethnic groups and target population in our environment eliminating guesswork. · It provides information that allows objective goals when caring individual get involved in promoting community health. · It allows organization to utilize the data in requesting for grants to help communities. · It assists in determining the best programs for different communities.