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GHAPO is a Non Governmental Organization established in 2005 with major focus on grassroot healthcare research, prevention, promotion and screening, empowerment for the girl child, basic emergency training, and environmental protection and to support other Non Governmental Organizations working in GHAPO’s thematic areas. .


Our vision is to have a society where every individual have access to quality healthcare services, education, serene environment and empowerment for women and girls.


School Teen Empowerment






Dr. (Mrs) Esther U Imogu ( MBBS, MPh, MEd, BSN, Ass-LPC):
I am a medical graduate from University of Lagos College of Medicine, who has an MPh from University of Texas- Houston , an MEd in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lamar University in Beaumont Texas and a Bachelor in Nursing form University of Houston Victoria. I am presently ECFMG Certified and an Associate LPC in the State of Texas. I am the Executive Director of GHAPO, going on 15 years and was the Medical Director of Esteemos Health Clinc from 2010 to 2020 All that being said, I am foremost a wife, mother/ parent daughter, and sister. Of all these roles. The hardest has been that of being a parent because being a successful one is not easy. Though I will not take all the credit, I feel that God always plays a role, but I also believe that you have to give him something to work with. That is where we as parents have a lot to do, primarily because the children are ours and the ultimate responsibility and credit lies with us. GHAPO, for over 10 years, continues to provide forums to support the personal development of participants of our programs. Her interest in the public health and its observed impact at the grassroot level and among the underprivileged started when she had to take a break from work and studies in 2005 and return to Nigeria for a visit. Her encounter with colleagues and the personal experiences she was exposed to was amplified by the increasing occurrence of patients testing positive to HIV and HBV and sudden death in patients, family members confirm were known hypertensives. The poor economic situation observed affected family units, leading in some cases to students lacking appropriate guidance to succeed were observed involved in unacceptable social vices. There were so much issues confronting people that needed intervention, thus came about the birth of GHAPO Nigeria in 2OO5.


Our mission is to produce a healthier happier population through healthcare research, prevention, promotion and screening from the grassroot to beyond. Empowering the new generation through education, empowerment and basic emergency training. We will also support other NGOs in their strive to positively impact the communities while remaining true to goals of alleviating suffering by improving health


Promoting social impact through healthcare research, prevention, promotion and screening.
Engaging female children in empowerment programs.
Provide support for the Internally Displaced People (IDP) by environmental hazards.
Provide support for Non Governmental Organizations working in GHAPO’s thematic areas via capacity building and funding.

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