Sponsor a Scholarship

The value of education is something everyone needs to understand. Many children don't have the opportunity to attend schools. Your donations can help these ones.

"The Safeplace" Mental Health Awareness- Donate Now

Safe place is a community where you people can show up without the fear of judgement and exist in an environment where they can shine . Your donations will be apprectiated.

Donate to School Teen Empowerment Program (STEP)

School Teen Empowerment Program (STEP) by Ghapo is focused on empowering teenagers in decision making and skill acquisition. Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. Support with your donations.

Donate to Healthcare Prevention, Promotion and Screening

GHAPO Is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), involved in medical research, grassroots health prevention, promotion and screening . It significantly assist vulnerable individuals having health challenge to access quality healthcare services. Support with your donations

Donate to HealthCare Research

We are determined to reach the grassroots, empowering the new generation and promoting health with use of research, striving for an educated and healthier empowered generation. Support with your donations

Donate to our support to other non governmental organisations

GHAPO is focused on providing support to other Non Governmental Organization, so as to positively create impactful changes in various community in the United State and Nigeria. Support with your donations

Donate to our empowerment for the girl child and basic emergency training

Looking at the importance of empowerment of a girl child, education stands as a major priority. This is because, there has been a gap in education for women from on set. Your donations can help.

Donate to our goal of environmental protection

Environmental protection is important for human health and safety. Thus, GHAPO is focused on finding lasting solutions to environmental hazards affecting the health of individuals. We need your donations to make this work.

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