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Lagos State sponsored Eko Free Mission

A Research Summary by GHAPO

GHAPO provided support staff for data collation for the free health mission organized at Badore Primary School from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October 2009. The primary data of over 6000 Lagosians were analyzed and a research summary provided.

The program provided services which include: Surgeries/operations, Diabetes/hypertension screening, Eye test/ treatment and eye glasses, Treatment of malaria/ other common ailments, Voluntary testing/ counseling of HIV/AIDS

The research summary was done based on the groups to which patients were triaged to, and further analysis was done for subgroups within the main groups. The main groups represented the various medical specialty clinics or departments available for patients use. These include: General Medicine clinic, Hypertension and Diabetes screening clinic, Laboratory department, Eye clinic, Dental Clinic, Family Planning and Antenatal Clinic and the surgical department.


-Frequency of hypertension increased in people over 49 years significantly,

-Generalized anemia observed in both female and male population (mean hb 12.25)

-Cataract was more prevalent in men when compared to women. There was no significant correlation to presence of coexistence of Hypertension and Diabetes.

Comparing conception to children that were actually born, the data shows that among the women that conceived only 74% of these women have a living child to show, and out of those 884 pregnancies only 567 (i.e., 64.1%) are alive

Implemented Suggestions to promote health: Nigerians older than 49 years should make a conscientious effort to monitor and record their BP values at least once weekly. Access to better maternal and child care services through provision of quality trained medical staff within Local Govt. Primary health care centers will improve the present life expectancy of Nigeria ns of 47years.

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